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Carpet Cleaning Facts – What Is The Inside Story?

It’s that time again, time to get your carpets cleaned. If you are like a lot of Downers Grove and Naperville customers, your carpets are on a maintenance program. You know that they need to be routinely cleaned because well…they just do. But besides the visible dirt on your carpeting, why is it so important to have your carpets routinely cleaned? Read on to find out more.

What Lies Beneath

Carpets may look clean with regular vacuuming, but beneath the carpet there are hidden bacteria that can be affecting your health. Dirt and residue get trapped beneath the carpet and settle into the fibers. As you walk on the carpet, the bacteria can be released into the air and then breathed in by those in the residence. Also, as you continue your normal daily routine, the dirt and grime can grind on those fibers causing damage to your carpet. The Downers Grove and Naperville ever changing weather only adds to the extra dirt getting trapped into your residential carpeting or commercial carpeting.

What to Do??

Regular vacuuming and spot cleaning helps to keep your carpets looking clean, but more is needed to keep your carpets clean below the surface and protected. Using a hot water steam clean with Pinpoint Maintenance’s state of the art equipment and expert training will get that dirt and bacteria build up out of your carpets. With steam temperatures reaching up to 240 degrees F and pressures up to 500 psi, steam cleaners are effective at removing build-up, dirt, stains, pathogens like viruses, bacteria, mold, and allergens. During steam cleaning, steam vapor penetrates deep into carpet and surrounds carpet fibers to help soften and loosen dirt and shift old stains. Then the vacuum component of the steam cleaner applies pressure to lift away the moisture along with the germs and dirt, for fresher, cleaner carpets.

Is Steam Cleaning the Best Option for Commercial Carpeting?

Steam cleaning can still be an effective way to clean commercial carpeting depending on the type of carpet and soil level. There is another option. though, that Pinpoint Maintenance’s experts also like to use on our regularly maintained Downers Grove and Naperville customers called Encapsulation. Recent advancements in cleaning chemistry is making it possible to use crystallizing polymers to surround and encapsulate soil. Carpets can be cleaned faster with more consistent results than traditional hot water extraction. Releasit’s encapsulation system puts an end to wicking, recurring spill stains, and can achieve a higher appearance level. The Releasit encapsulation products incorporate a unique crystallizing polymer that resists re-soiling far better than traditional carpet cleaning. It also has a built in carpet protector called Soileze that helps carpets stay clean longer. Pinpoint Maintenance uses a Cimex machine along with Releasit’s encapsulation products for this encapsulation process leading to less down time needed to clean, quick dry times, less noise, and superior results.

How Often to Professionally Clean Carpets?

The IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) recommends the following professional carpet cleaning frequency based on type of facility:

Office Building – 8-12 months or if on ground level 3-6 months.
Residence – 8-12 months or if there are children/pets 3-6 months.
Schools – 3-6 months
Nursing Home – 1 month
Restaurant – 1 month
Day Care – 1 week

Can you clean your carpets more frequently based on soil level in your commercial facility or residence? Of course. Our experts would be happy to provide you with a free proposal for your professional carpet cleaning. We offer discounts for commercial facilities and residences that get on a regular maintenance program. We can offer our professional opinion on how frequently we suggest doing your carpets and what techniques would work best with your environment. Call or submit a request online today and one of our professionals will be happy to discuss your professional carpet cleaning with you!

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