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Cleaning For The Environment

Cleaning in general is accompanied by a lot of cleaning products that can be strong in odor and also be damaging to the surrounding Chicago Suburbs environment. There are ways, though, to clean that actually help the environment and omit those harsh chemicals that are most often not necessary. Read on to find out how.

Environmental Benefits of Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is often needed in the spring after mildew and dirt build up on buildings, sidewalks, patios, and decks leaving an unpleasant residue. Pressure washing can very often be the best environmentally friendly way to clean those areas, especially in the Naperville and Downers Grove areas. Here are some of the advantages PWNA (Power Washers of North America) lists:

  1. Clean Quickly: Because pressure washing allows you to clean surfaces quickly, you use less energy and water than other techniques, including manual techniques. When cleaning a patio with a pressure washer, for example, you’ll use up to 75 percent less water than doing the same job with a garden hose.
  2. Eco-Friendly Detergents: Green pressure washing detergents are biodegradable and safer for the environment. Often you can also wash a surface just as well only using water.
  3. Reduce Demand For Natural Resources: In general, it’s less expensive to clean a surface with a pressure washer than it is to replace it. By cleaning and restoring items that are in good shape, you reduce waste, energy, and the demand for the natural resources to to make and ship the respective item. 

Environmental Benefits of Window Cleaning

Window cleaning definitely enhances the cosmetic appearance to a facility or home, but it also helps the surrounding Naperville and Downers Grove environment in a number of ways.

  1. Window Quality: Many environmental contaminants such as acid, rain, hard water, and the ever changing weather patterns in the Chicago Suburbs can damage windows over time. When windows are regularly cleaned, these damaging materials are removed elongating the life of your windows. It also prevents any of those substances from getting into the air and being breathed in.
  2. Energy Efficient: The dirt and grime and build up on windows can prevent natural sunlight from entering the room. This can cause you to use extra energy to warm the space that would naturally be warmed by the sun.
  3. Productivity Boost: Natural light is know to enhance mood and boost productivity. Having a clear view of the outside environment and getting a big dose of natural light can help any business or home run more efficiently. 

Environmental Benefits of Carpet and Floor Cleaning

Carpet can trap a lot of unwanted substances in it’s fibers while hard floor can trap those same substances in the grout. These can damage the living environment of a facility or home. Here are a few ways a regular cleaning can help.

  1. Eliminating Trapped Pollutants: Inadequate maintenance can allow large quantities of dust and debris to build up in the carpet. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), some studies indicate that poorly maintained carpet can release significant quantities of particles into the air causing them to be exposed to those using the carpet. 
  2. Cleaning Is Essential To Any Flooring System: The EPA also states, “It cannot be over-emphasized that proper cleaning and maintenance is a critical component to any flooring system.” It will help ensure longer life, maintain appearance, and help protect indoor air quality.
Whether it’s pressure washing, window cleaning, or floor cleaning in your Naperville or Downers Grove facility, regular cleaning can help promote a better environment in a number of ways. Pinpoint Maintenance is dedicated to using the most eco-friendly procedures to help the environment, clean effectively, and prolong the life of your valuable facility or home. Call us or submit a request for a free proposal on your cleaning needs today!

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