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Fall Home Maintenance Checklist


Fall is coming upon the Chicagoland suburbs and it has a been a beautiful one so far. As the leaves start to turn and the weather dips into cooler temperatures, it may be time to make a Fall home maintenance checklist to finish before winter. Pinpoint Maintenance would be happy to help with your indoor and outdoor cleaning projects from your outdoor deck staining and concrete sealing to your indoor carpet and tile cleaning. Let our professionals do the dirty work before it is time for you to snuggle up for the winter. Here are some top important tasks to add to your Fall home maintenance checklist our professionals recommend you finish before the cold sets in.

1. Deck Staining

Deck staining in the Chicagoland suburbs is one of the top priorities to extend the life of your wooden deck. From IPE wood to cedar wood to pressure treated pine, all types of wood decks need quality stain to properly protect the wood. Whether it is an oil based semi-transparent stain such as TWP or Ready Seal, or a water based solid stain such as Cabot, the deck stains Pinpoint Maintenance uses will ensure your deck stays protected all winter long. Deck stain prevents your wood from rotting and prevents water from greying and cracking. Staining your deck is on the top of the Fall home maintenance checklist. As soon as Spring hits, your outdoor space will be ready for use with no delay.

2. Concrete Pressure Washing and Sealing

Concrete sealing in the Fall is a great way to protect your concrete during the harsh winter months to come. Concrete is a beautiful choice for driveways or patios, but it is also susceptible to cracks and pits over the years. This is due to water soaking into the porous concrete. As the cold weather comes into the Chicagoland suburbs, the water freezes. The ice then thaws and refreezes causing pressure to be exerted on the concrete surface resulting in cracks. The older the concrete, the more susceptible it is to pits and cracks. Sealing the concrete in the Fall with our quality professional sealer will protect the concrete so that water beads on the surface instead of penetrating the surface. This protects the concrete and protects your investment. The results are seen minutes after application of the sealer. Ask us to do the water test on your concrete after letting the Pinpoint Maintenance professionals seal it.

3. Professional Carpet Cleaning

With the beautiful summer we had this year in the suburbs of Naperville and Downers Grove, it is most likely you and your loved ones were spending lots of time outside. Going in and out of the house can bring in dirt and debris from the outdoors. The same goes when the windows are open for that fresh breeze, along comes in unwanted Chicagoland dust. Now that it is getting close to the time when we will be spending most of our time indoors, it is the perfect time to professionally deep clean your carpets. This will extract all the unwanted build up dust and debris from the summer. It will ensure that debris is not grinding away at your carpet fibers as it is stepped on and that it is not floating into the air. This can prevent germ growth and spread as well. Also ask us about scotch guarding your carpets and upholstery to help prevent stains from unwanted liquids.

4. Window Cleaning

Spending more time indoors in the Chicagoland cooler weather also means more time looking outside your windows. Your windows during this warm Chicago summer may have built up some streaks and dirt. Add window cleaning to your Fall home maintenance checklist. Let our professional window cleaners get those hard to reach windows in your home . The windows will be clean and spot free to let all of the bright light into your home during those gloomy cold Naperville and Downers Grove days.

Whether it’s the inside or outside of your home, there are some tasks on your Fall home maintenance checklist that cannot be overlooked. Our team at Pinpoint Maintenance Inc. would be happy to help you with any of the items on your Fall home maintenance checklist that need attention. Call us to discuss the maintenance tasks you would like to get done and we will be happy to give you our professional opinion.

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