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Grout Color Sealing, To Be or Not To Be?

Color sealing your grout may be something you may have heard of while looking for a good tile and grout cleaning service in Naperville, IL and Downers Grove, IL areas. It is an option that should always be offered after cleaning tile and grout. What does color sealing actually do for your grout and is it the right option for you?

What is Color Sealing?

Grout Color Sealing allows for your grout to have a new clean grout surface without needing to replace the grout in most cases. A Color Sealer is a colorant and sealer all in one designed to form a protective barrier over your existing grout. After the tile area has been professionally steam cleaned and rinsed, a Color Sealer will be professionally applied by hand to give your grout a clean new look with added protection.

What are the benefits to Color Sealing?

Color Sealing the grout penetrates the grout surface to create a protective barrier against spills and permanent stains. Quality Color Sealers, such as the ones used by Pinpoint Maintenance Inc., repel oil and water-based liquids. This will prevent food and beverage stains from seeping into your grout lines. It will also prevent the water and grime from Chicago weather from penetrating the grout which can cause both the grout and tile to crack and break. In addition, they contain constant acting mildewcides and other agents that inhibit the growth of bacteria and mildew. This not only offers health benefits by making your floors more sanitary, but can reduce or eliminate the unwanted smells you often find with older floors that have had a long time to absorb a variety of odiferous liquids. Color Sealed floors are consequently easier to maintain in your Naperville, IL and Downers Grove, IL facility or home.

Does Color Sealing change the look of my flooring?

There are a variety of colors to choose from for Color Sealing including clear. For older floors, the grout lines may have gotten discolored from years of stain build up even after a thorough steam clean. If you have areas of grout that were replaced with the same existing color, it may look different due to the fading and discoloration of the old grout versus the new grout. Color Sealing will provide a consistent color for all of your grout lines making all of your grout look new again in whatever color you choose to go with your home. It is a great way to even change up the look of your flooring without replacing any flooring at all.

Still unsure if Color Sealing is a good option for your Naperville, IL or Downers Grove, IL facilities tile and grout? No problem. One of our trained professionals would be happy to meet with you for a free consultation to see if Color Sealing is the best option for you. Call us for your free Color Sealing consultation today!

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