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The Good Feeling of Commercial Window Cleaning

We have an array of beautiful commercial facilities in the Downers Grove, Naperville, and surrounding West Suburbs of Illinois. From big commercial office spaces to smaller beautiful commercial boutiques, there is no end to the variety of commercial spaces available. What is one of the best way to make your Downers Grove or Naperville commercial facility stand out above the rest? You guessed it, sparkling cleanliness. Here are some of the reasons why commercial business owners find commercial window cleaning to be so important to their every day business needs.

First Impressions

A first impression can either draw someone in or completely turn them away. When a customer or consumer sees a commercial facility with sparkling clean windows, it can tell a lot about the company’s self worth. A commercial facility that takes care of its own space can therefore translate that into their business dealings with their consumers or business partners. If you value the appearance and cleanliness of your own space, then you will value taking care of someone else’s needs with the same dignity. If your facility is a storefront, then clean windows will allow your products to be easily seen and admired as well drawing people to step in to your facility.


It is no secret that sunshine and light boosts mood and energy. Research has shown it even greatly increases productivity! In the Downers Grove and Naperville areas we don’t seem to get a whole lot of sun most days. Having clean windows allows the light and sun to filter in unobstructed from dust and dirt build up on windows. That means on those most sunny days, there will be nothing better than to be able to look outside through a beautiful, clean, and streak free window pane. Maintaining that cleanliness can impress working team members and encourage them to keep their own work space clean contributing to an overall healthier work environment for everyone.

Damage Control

Glass can be very sensitive to the elements, especially the crazy weather in the Chicagoland suburbs. Many don’t know window glass is a porous surface. If unmaintained, the glass can become permanently stained and damaged from exposure to everything from rain, oxidization, airborne pollutants, dirt, rust and minerals. Subsequently, this can damage your windows to the point of having to completely replace them. Cleaning windows on a regular basis will protect them from having any permanent damage from the elements.


Safety is crucial to a healthy workplace environment. The expert window cleaners at Pinpoint Maintenance are a prime resource for commercial facilities because they are professionally trained and skilled for any type of window cleaning. Pinpoint Maintenance is equipped with the proper equipment to perform commercial window cleaning in a safe and efficient manner. This includes how to prep an area to prevent accidents, such as falling off of a ladder or breaking the glass of a window pane. Having professionals take care of the window cleaning can prevent any safety violations or any accidents from happening to a member of staff who is not trained on proper safety procedure.

There are plenty of reasons to have a good feeling from commercial window cleaning. Let the experts at Pinpoint Maintenance come out and assess your windows free of any obligation or cost. We can help you get on a routine maintenance program that works best for your facilities needs. Contact us today!

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  • Eli Richardson on January 12, 2022

    It’s great that you talked about clean windows and how they could impact your customer’s attention! Recently, one of my cousins said he’s interested in opening up a shop. I believe my cousin should work with professional cleaners to make his shop shine, so I’ll be sure to suggest it! Thanks for the advice on how your window’s shape could tell a lot about your business!

    • Pinpoint Team on February 21, 2022

      Thanks for your feedback, I hope your cousin takes your advice!

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