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Water-Fed Pole System Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning plays an important role in how your Naperville and Downers Grove commercial or residential facility looks and even feels. A dirty window pane can turn away a potential customer in a feeling of disgust, while a clean window pane shows you care about your facility. Caring about your facility means you care about the product or service you offer. The entrance and first floor windows are usually the most visible leading to them being cleaned more often. What about the windows that are too high up to reach or if you have a facility that is more than 2 stories tall? Those can present you with a problem when it is time for them to be cleaned. That is where the Water-Fed Pole System comes into play.

What is a Water-Fed Pole?

Water-Fed Pole is a long extendable pole with a brush head. Inside the pole, a pump system dispenses purified water on demand. A Water-Fed Pole is what is used to scrub the window and deliver the pure water. They can be anywhere from 60 feet or more in length and are generally made out of fiber glass or carbon fiber. These materials are lighter and more rigid than traditional aluminum which allows the professional to effectively clean high windows from the ground.

How does the the Water-Fed Pole System effectively clean windows?

The Water-Fed System uses purified water in conjunction with the Water-Fed Pole to clean windows. Most water has tiny dissolved particles in it. Once the water dries on a surface, those particles become the spots you see left behind. Purified water is a natural cleaner and when it dries, it leaves no residual spotting. Pure water works by collecting the dirt, grime, and other debris dislodged by the Water-Fed Pole and drags it to the ground as gravity causes it to drip down.

Why use the Water-Fed Pole System versus traditional Window Cleaning?

Pinpoint Maintenance is the leader in high quality Window Cleaning throughout the Naperville and Downers Grove suburbs. High windows, though, can be challenging. In the past, high windows were reached by tall ladders or propelling from the roof. This presents immense danger to employees and can lead to damage to the facility. With the Water-Fed Pole System, all high Window Cleaning is done from the ground with no ladders and no propelling from roofs. This means clean windows with very little chance of accidents or damage. Due to less risk, less equipment, and overall less liability for both parties, the Water-Fed Pole System is more cost effective. It does not use any chemicals, just the purified water and brush, making it one of the most eco-friendly methods out there.

How do I know which system is most effective in my Naperville or Downers Grove facility?

With many options for Window Cleaning, it can be hard to know what works best for your facility. Call our professionals at Pinpoint Maintenance and we would be happy to help you make the right decision. If you decide the Water-Fed Pole System may be a good option for you, we would be happy to do a test area so you can see the results for yourself before committing.

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