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The How To of Hotel Carpet Cleaning

Hotels are an important part of many people’s lives. For those who have to travel for work, a hotel can mean the difference between a productive work trip or a dragging work trip. For those staying for pleasure, a hotel can be the difference between an epic vacation or a disgruntling one. There are many things that constitute a good or bad hotel stay. One of the most important factors to most people is cleanliness.

Most hotels have opted for carpeting throughout most areas of the facility from the hallways to hotel rooms to even the workout rooms. Cozy, inviting, and easy to clean, carpeting can be a very wise choice, but can be susceptible to stains and dirt. How can you make sure to keep your hotel carpeting clean and properly maintained?

Regular Vacuuming

Regularly vacuuming your hotels carpets is a must to keep the carpet clean and extend the life of the carpeting. It removes soil and dirt that can damage the carpet fiber. It also prevents that dirt from getting into the air hotel guests are breathing in or even getting on their personal things. It leaves the hotel room not only looking clean, but maximizes the sustainability of the carpeting causing it to not have to be replaced as often.

Immediate Stain Removal

If possible, remove any stains as quickly as possible. The longer a substance stays on the carpet, the more it soaks into the fibers and can even soak into the carpet padding. Blot the stain as soon as possible to get as much of the liquid or substance out as you can. You can then use a number of removers to get the stain out. Pinpoint Maintenance provides free spot cleaning solutions to our customers that can get stains out right away.

Routine Professional Carpet Cleaning

The most important aspect of hotel carpet cleaning is routine professional carpet cleaning. Although regular vacuuming and stain removal are good for maintenance and every day cleaning, a deep professional carpet cleaning is important to remove stains that were missed and extract deep lying dirt from the carpet. What is the best way to professionally clean hotel carpeting without disrupting guests or the every day routines of hotel staff?

Releasit Encapsulation Technology

Recent advancements in cleaning chemistry is making it possible to use crystallizing polymers to surround and encapsulate soil. Carpets can be cleaned faster with more consistent results than traditional hot water extraction. Releasit’s encapsulation system puts an end to wicking, recurring spill stains, and can achieve a higher appearance level. The Releasit encapsulation products incorporate a unique crystallizing polymer that resists re-soiling far better than traditional carpet cleaning. It also has a built in carpet protector called Soileze that helps carpets stay clean longer. Pinpoint Maintenance uses a Cimex machine along with Releasit’s encapsulation products for this encapsulation process leading to less down time needed to clean, quick dry times, less noise, and superior results.

Hotel Carpet Cleaning isn’t so hard with the right people, the right tools, and the right products in place. Following these steps will ensure your carpet looks and stays clean not only for hotel guests, but also for those maintaining the hotel each day. Pinpoint Maintenance would be happy to come show you exactly how the Encapsulation process works in one of your hotel rooms for free. See the results for yourself, call to schedule your free cleaning or submit a request on Pinpoint’s website.

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