Window Washing…In The Winter?

Window Washing…In The Winter?

Plummeting winter temperatures in the Naperville and Downers Grove areas can cause many of us to want to hunker down and stay inside. We keep up with our normal chores inside and don’t even think of touching the outside of our facilities until spring..or should we? The great thing is we can do the thinking and let professionals like Pinpoint Maintenance take care of the doing. So is it really worth it to have your windows cleaned in the middle of the Chicagoland Suburbs dreary winter? 

How It’s Done

The first question many ask is the obvious one, how does the water not freeze on the windows while they are being cleaned? The answer is actually quite simple, winter washer fluid. Depending on how low the temperatures are, if the sun is out, and other variables will determine how much winter washer fluid to water ratio is used. The main point is to use enough so that the water does not freeze. 

Professional window cleaners will also use the weather change to their advantage. If the sun is out and shining on the East side of the building, then they will start there and hopefully follow it to the West. They may also move faster to ensure the water has less chance to freeze. And if they are cleaning both the inside and the outside of a facility, they can start with the inside windows during the colder part of the day and make their way to cleaning the exterior windows.

And of course one of the most important priorities is proper dress attire. Professional window cleaners know the importance of staying warm when cleaning outside in the winter. You will see them wearing warm hats, gloves, and sometimes even cloth face masks to protect themselves from the elements. Look out for Pinpoint Maintenance employees cleaning windows near you!

Winter Cleaning Benefits

So what are the actual benefits to having your windows cleaned in the winter. Well there are quite a few to consider:

  • Energy Efficiency

Believe it or not, the grime, dirt and salt that accumulate on your windows can actually block the sun’s rays, hindering UV light from helping to naturally heat your space. This results in higher heating costs as your furnace makes up for the difference. Getting rid of that grime build up will ensure your windows are taking in all the sunlight they can to warm your interior space and improve your mood too!

  • Window Longevity

When that same grime, dirt, salt and even snow beats on your windows and stays on your windows, it can cause major harm to your windows and even window frames. The glass can become etched from the elements and be susceptible to cracks and stress fractures from ice formation. Those cracks can allow cold air or even water in if not taken care of. Removing the build up can help in identifying any damage before it gets serious and preventing the damage from grime build up from happening. 

  • Cosmetic Appearance

This time of year is a popular time for many consumers to be window shopping and spending time with family. Having your windows cleaned will attract customers and also leave a great impression on your family and friends who visit. And since so many of us are stuck inside during the cold winter months, having a clean and shiny window to look through at scenery can definitely help in the mood of both facility workers and residential families.

Although the Chicagoland Suburbs can be quite dreary and cold this time of year, it doesn’t mean your windows have to be. Let the Pinpoint Maintenance team take care of your window cleaning needs while you stay inside and focus on more important matters, like drinking hot cocoa! Pinpoint Maintenance would be happy to quote your window cleaning for free and schedule you in a timely matter so you can have your windows ready for the season. Call 630.437.1181 or submit a request at

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